QuickBooks Desktop Integration with the QuickBooks Web Connector Master Class with @minimul

Minimul - your friendly neighborhood QuickBooks Integration Expert
Your friendly neighborhood QuickBooks Desktop Integration Expert

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How much?

  • Package #1: QBD Integration Road-mapping package ‐ 30-minute video conference with as many guests as you want $479.
  • Package #2: QBD Integration Road-mapping package ‐ This is two 45-minute sessions that will get the entire team on "solid integration ground" and is $959.
  • Package #3: Seven hours of hands-on team coaching is $2,499.
  • Package #4: Six months of coaching (or the QuickBooks Desktop Integration CTO Package is $8,799)
  • All costs are in USD.
  • There is a 100% guarantee that these consulting packages will save your business money or you get your money back.
  • Other packages (these can be purchased/donated via Paypal):
  • Access to the code repository the videos are based on: $199 (repo access comes with all packages)
  • "Thanks Christian" donation for your content.

What is in the course?

There is over 3 hours of video training on Youtube where I exhaustively demonstrate integrating a sample Ruby on Rails web application with QuickBooks Desktop 2018 version. If you purchase a consulting package, your business will get access to my private Rails engine/library on Github where I demonstrate in code what is needed to make a great integration.

But wait .. our integration will be in .NET, Java, PHP, Python, Go, Nodejs, Whatever, etc.!! How on earth is this class going to be useful?

The main concepts and code details are easily translatable to your tech stack. I make the case around this topic more in the master class intro video.

How is this course worth it?

QuickBooks Desktop Integration via the QuickBooks Web Connector (QBWC) is a unique animal. There is no comparable integration like it. You or your team can spend months sputtering around picking up bits and pieces of information on the web only to have a integration riddled with rookie mistakes that are generating support tickets left and right, sucking up valuable developer time that should be spent on your core product differentiators.

You may even find that after many months that you'll now need to do a significant integration re-write or refactor because you'll have a whole list of

I wish we would have known that [fill in the QBD integration blank] at the outset because we would have done things totally differently.

I wish we would have known that [fill in the QBD integration blank] at the outset because we would have done things totally differently.

In short, the master class will save your business money by (1) greatly lowering the initial implementation time because it will get the developers up-to-speed fast and (2) significantly reducing down-the-road costs because it will be anchored on fundamentally sound integration principles that are based on real-world integration wisdom.

Why should you be trusted?

Most likely you've found this course via my QuickBooks Integration Learning Center but if you need further validation of my integration chops then check out https://minimul.com/does/quickbooks.

How do I purchase a consulting package?

I am not going to invest in a fancy online billing system because this class only serves a small niche, therefore, fill out the form below and I'll send you a QuickBooks Online Invoice which you can pay via eCheck or Credit Card. If you'd like to pay via credit card there is 3% mark up..

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